2 Years of Clarity!



I’m a couple days late, but I have to reach out to all of you and share my thanks for you following me on this crazy journey called life. Continue reading “2 Years of Clarity!”


How To Find Your Real Self In 5 Easy Steps


Everyone has had that “Who am I?” moment at some point in time in their lives. Most of the time it spills out as a joke when we say something that we realize we wouldn’t usually say in front of the people we are with, but never the less it’s still a question that many people wonder about and I’m glad that a follower wrote to me on advice on this topic! Continue reading “How To Find Your Real Self In 5 Easy Steps”

Chivalry vs Feminism


In today’s world, we as women are trying to take over our rights and want to gain back respect that we feel that we have lost or to some, have never received throughout the years. While doing so, I feel there are some places where woman tend to take the “I’m a woman and I can do whatever I want without the help of a man” a little bit too far.

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5 Successful Ways To End Procrastination


Ahhh… good old procrastination! To about 20% of the population this is a near and dear friend of theirs and one that they can’t seem to get away from. You are not alone, and thanks to a follower of theclarityofmind.com, we are able to tackle this problem together! We all know that we procrastinate. But what does this really mean? Continue reading “5 Successful Ways To End Procrastination”

How to Set and Demolish Your Goals


Every single one of us has a mind full of ideas. Full of goals and dreams and wishes that we would love to see become a reality. But we also live very busy lives and don’t think we have the time to dedicate to these inner wishes.

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