What Does Being In A Relationship Really Mean?


As a generation, we are very smart when it comes to studies, electronics and going after our goals in order to make a difference, but I can’t help but notice that we lack basic relationship skills, or even better, many don’t really understand what being in a relationship means. Continue reading “What Does Being In A Relationship Really Mean?”


How To Save Money While Still Meeting Your Financial Needs


We are all aware the money makes the world go round. And if you are anything like how I used to be, budgeting and saving is not one of your strong suits. There are so many things to buy, foods to try, trips to take, and bills to pay; so how can we make this all possible and still have some money left in our pockets? Continue reading “How To Save Money While Still Meeting Your Financial Needs”

How to Set and Demolish Your Goals


Every single one of us has a mind full of ideas. Full of goals and dreams and wishes that we would love to see become a reality. But we also live very busy lives and don’t think we have the time to dedicate to these inner wishes.

Continue reading “How to Set and Demolish Your Goals”

5 Traits of a Healthy and Non-Healthy Relationship


Relationships of all kinds are vital to our lives. More specific, romantic relationships are the key way in which we enhance our lives and add enjoyment to our world. While there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, there is such thing as a healthy relationship and one that you will continue to grow as a person. Continue reading “5 Traits of a Healthy and Non-Healthy Relationship”