Are You Truly Free?


The word freedom has numerous definitions… but the two that grabbed my attention the most were:

1. The power or the right to act, speak, or think as one wants

2. The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved

I believe that between these two definitions, there is one that we have without a doubt, but the other one leaves room for alot of discussion and debate.

To me, freedom is the capability to live how you wish without judgement, the ability to make your own choices and to follow your dreams without limitations. To achieve goals for everyone regardless if they’re rich, poor, religious, black, white, male, or female. To be able to express myself without hatred, or mockery from others; and to live without feeling forced to abide by stereotypes and expectations. The value that should be put on true freedom is greater than any amount of money, personal possessions, or the security of a traditional career. The desire to obtain a life of complete freedom will take you from a comfortable life to an uncertain, more fulfilling one.

We first have to distinguish the difference between what it means for us to be free FROM something, and to be free TO DO or TO BE something. Most freedoms that we seek are endings in themselves, the end of a certain financial debt, the ending of an unhealthy relationship/friendship, or the breath of freedom from finally quitting the job that you hate. Once we achieve this, we feel all of our problems will be solved because then we’ll have freedom right? But now the question I have is, at this point what do you really have freedom from?

The real question that we have to ask ourselves is, do we want complete freedom? Or do we just want the eliminations of the consequences of our actions?  We are mentally free, like the first definition stated above.  We have the freedom to think, do, and act as we please. Some people may posess more freedom than others who may be trapped physically, or have their own subconscious mental limits. But, with this there are consequences for our actions… there are always limits. These limits are placed on everyone in this world, no matter which country you may come from. These are the laws that are put into place for the security of that country and it’s people. If you cross the invisible line of law, then you will have to face the consequences that come with that. Thus proving, you are free to do whatever you’d like, but you have to be prepared to pay the price.

Since the government holds control over us, this is where the second definition comes into play. While the days of slavery are long over, and we may not be in an actual prison, under the control of the government we have restrictions on where we can live, what we’re allowed to buy and so on. As I mentioned before, the government takes action in order to protect the security of the country. But in doing so, we lose a bit of our freedom. Cellphones with the cool ‘thumb print to unlock’ feature is the sneaky way for the higher ups to have our fingerprints on file. By being able to see through our computer camera’s at any point without our knowledge gives them an upper hand on spying on our everyday activities while invading our privacy. So while we are freely able to go about our daily business, they’re people who are able to see our every move.

While I know that society has freedom in general, in the loose tense of the word, we could also have more. Each person can gain more freedom if they wish it’s just all a matter of taking that first step and going beyond the norm of the world. When you think this is not possible for you, just remember this; Gandhi was a free man in India, at first he might have been the only free man in India. But look at what just one ,an has been able to accomplish through complete freedom…

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