Stop Ignoring the World Around You


What do you think your day would be like if you left your cellphone at home?

Most people would read this sentence and then stop reading because in todays’ society this task seems nearly impossible. Our cell phones are how we communicate to one another, whether it be through calling, texting, social media etc. so why would we want to cut ourselves off from that for even one day? Are we afraid of being alone? Are we afraid of finding ourselves? Do we have FOMO (fear of missing out)? Or are we scared that if we don’t post for one day on social media, people will forget about us or that well lose our followers? BUT, what many people don’t realize is that when your focus and attention are on your phone, you are missing what is happening in the world around you. Many people claim that they are living in the ‘now’, but are they?

I take public transportation to work every day, when I step onto the train, I immediately notice that almost everyone is starting at their cellphones, tablets or even computers and ignoring the world and the people around them. You see people meeting friends for coffee or drinks, and there are six people sitting at a table and no one is talking, but they all have phones in their hands. The disappointment that this brings is almost pathetic. I admit, when I lived in the states I was just as bad about this as the rest of the people out there, but when I moved and begin to see that there is more in this world, something changed. I started making a conscious effort to put my phone down more, whether it’s at home, on the metro, or when I’m out, and since this, I have not only become a happier person, but I have been able to open my eyes and actually experience the world for what it is, not for what social media tells me its supposed to be. I can fully enjoy time with friends and family and communicate with them on a more focused and deeper level.

There are little details in life that you are missing because you are too focused on what the rest of the world is doing instead of what you are doing. In Todays world, we feel like we need the approval of others in order to ‘become something’, because if people don’t like you, how will you ever be successful right? Wrong. The only approval that you need is your own. With your own approval and ambition you are more than capable of becoming successful. Honestly, all of the negative feedback you receive from others will do nothing but stop you from going after what you want, because they will make you feel like you are not good enough, they will help you close the world out.

The only FOMO that you should have is what the world has to offer you that you aren’t taking advantage of. What amazing opportunities you could accomplish just by taking risks, on your own, without the opinions of others. You will be able to see and understand the true beauty of the world around you, and the people who are living in it. Just by leaving your phone at home for one day, you will see that this piece of electronic equipment does nothing but constrict you and control your day-to-day life.

Just for one day, try it… you may be amazed with what you have been missing.

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