How To Find Your Real Self In 5 Easy Steps


Everyone has had that “Who am I?” moment at some point in time in their lives. Most of the time it spills out as a joke when we say something that we realize we wouldn’t usually say in front of the people we are with, but never the less it’s still a question that many people wonder about and I’m glad that a follower wrote to me on advice on this topic! We all live busy and hectic lives with very limited chances to be by ourselves and to figure out who we are aside from our jobs, labels, social media etc. Until you are able to find who you are, you will continue to live a life that you have designed for someone other than you while asking yourself why nothing you try fills your needs or wants in life. So below I have but together 5 simple tips on how you can start finding the real you and start enjoying your life to your own standards!

Create Space

In order to find yourself, you need to separate yourself from the busy world around you. In order to hear a whisper, you have to step away from loud noises. You my friend are the whisper and the loud noises are everyone else around you with their opinions and judgments that you have been valuing for some time. It’s normal to value these opinions from others, especially because we are programmed to at a young age so that we can continue to create harmony in our lives. But the problem once we become adults is that we get so used to listening to others that we constantly forget to listen to ourselves. By creating some space and listening to that whisper, you will be able to not only clarify your thinking, but you will come to realize what you believe in and it will become clearer what your ultimate goal I life is. By allowing yourself a day or two or maybe more to be alone with your thoughts, you can finally kick the bad ones to the curb and focus on the good in life. You will be able to renew yourself and start your journey fresh.

Evaluate The People And The Relationships Around You 

Do you tend to find yourself in the same situation over and over again? Whether it’s friendships or relationships, you cant help but notice a trend in how the people around you treat you. But who is to blame for this? You? Welllll… not fully but partially. Growing up, we don’t really have total control over the people we surround ourselves with. Most of our “friends” and “partners” are those that we go to school with, or play a sport with, and are the people that we are forced to see daily. If you’re around the same people long enough, you’re bound to find some sort of connection eventually, even if these people are somewhat toxic to you and your life. But what about when we become an adult? When we go away to college, when we move out of mom and dads, or more simply, when we break away from those we were forced to be around in our childhood. Who we date and who we hangout with is now 100% on us. You won’t find your best friend or the person of your dreams immediately, this is for certain, but you have to evaluate those from your past and those in your current and decide for yourself which people are the best ones to have in your life. These people should help you succeed and be by your side while you are becoming the best version of your TRUE self that you can. Real friends will support you no matter what happens, toxic friends will become jealous and try to tear you down.

Try New Things

There is no better time than now to step a little outside your comfort zone and explore the things that you’ve always wanted to try. Like I mentioned earlier, we get in the habit of adapting ourselves and our opinions based on those around us, like our parents because that’s all we’ve known growing up. How do you know if you don’t like camping if you’ve only been to a hotel? How do you know you don’t like Europe if you’ve never been outside of the US? Now’s your chance to try an unlimited amount of new things and not focus on the consequences of them, to live true to yourself and to discover the amazing and REAL you! I’m telling you from experience that you will not like every single thing that you try, that is a part of human nature, but you will find many joys and experiences that you have been missing out on and you will thank yourself for that. You will keep growing and flourishing, the more that you discover, into the real and true you. With this comes overwhelming happiness and appreciation for not only the world around you, but yourself as well.

What Would You Do If Money Weren’t A Necessity?

 If money weren’t a factor you had to take into consideration, how would you pass your time? The answer to this question can say a lot about a person. It shows where your heart really is and what things excite and motivate you. With this, there should be something that you would intend on doing that you might currently be doing for money. Better explained, you should be earning money by doing something you love to do, not just because you want to earn the money. Just by thinking about the answer to the question above, you can create minor adjustments in your lifestyle in order to make yourself feel more “you” and to make your days more enjoyable. Maybe in the long run this thing you enjoy doing doesn’t pay the bills, or pay any money at all, but you deserve to do this for yourself. After all, this is who you are trying to find and become, right?

What Are You Like Behind Closed Doors?  

When no one is around to counter your thoughts, or to shift how you think or feel; what are you like? How do you speak about others? What are your real opinions about what’s going on in the world around you? What are you dressed like when you know that no one can see to pass judgment? What do you do in this time? All of these questions reflect who you are really. When you know that no one can see you or tell you how you’re supposed to feel is when the real you shines! Once you can differentiate the person you are in front of others, to the person you are in your room by yourself and you can make those two people one person, then you will find yourself and who you really are. Once you achieve this, you will be unstoppable!

Enjoy this journey and process into becoming the real you! Sometimes it’s difficult to be familiar with our problems and values when we feel pressured or stressed. That’s what I am here for!! I will help you in your journey in finding yourself so you can finally obtain the clarity that you have been searching for! Join The Clarity of Mind and let’s get started!

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