We Are The Millennial Generation


We are the millennial generation… born between 1982 and 1995. We are a generation that has been misperceived and doubted among the generations before us. We are people who are determined to make a difference in this world, stubborn about our goals, and have more confidence than ever.

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5 Successful Ways To End Procrastination


Ahhh… good old procrastination! To about 20% of the population this is a near and dear friend of theirs and one that they can’t seem to get away from. You are not alone, and thanks to a follower of theclarityofmind.com, we are able to tackle this problem together! We all know that we procrastinate. But what does this really mean? Continue reading “5 Successful Ways To End Procrastination”

How to Set and Demolish Your Goals


Every single one of us has a mind full of ideas. Full of goals and dreams and wishes that we would love to see become a reality. But we also live very busy lives and don’t think we have the time to dedicate to these inner wishes.

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5 Traits of a Healthy and Non-Healthy Relationship


Relationships of all kinds are vital to our lives. More specific, romantic relationships are the key way in which we enhance our lives and add enjoyment to our world. While there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, there is such thing as a healthy relationship and one that you will continue to grow as a person. Continue reading “5 Traits of a Healthy and Non-Healthy Relationship”