Should Coming From A Small Town Limit You?


I have heard over and over again from people: “I would like to do this, but coming from a small town like this doesn’t exactly help me”. My reply is always the same…“Why doesn’t it?”. Then their reply could be a number of different things, from “just because” to some other reason that they have led themselves to believe. But really, my question is why? Do you think because you were born there, that means that you now have to stay there forever? Or is it a matter of comfort with your surroundings, and maybe being slightly nervous as to how the rest of the world is outside of your four walls? I can relate to both of these questions and can definitely understand why the answers would be yes. Most people never move outside of a 30-mile radius from the house that they were born in, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. They found success, happiness, and a life that they can enjoy there. The people I’m reaching out to, are the ones who want to make a change but are nervous to take the first step in doing so. I’ll admit I was this way at one time as well. So below I have listed my 5 arguments that finally persuaded me to let go of my hometown and to finally go after what I want.

  1. Do I really deserve this?

This seems to be the first question that pops into peoples’ head in regards to a major decision like this, but the answer to this question is always YES! Everyone, no matter his or her history, deserves to follow their hearts, to explore the unknown, and to find a place that makes them happy. Even if your first destination doesn’t work out, you’re in luck because there is still a whole world out there waiting to be discovered by you.

  1. My family and friends are here; will I miss out on time with them?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is also a yes. But in my experience, getting away helped me realize who my true friends really were. As cliché as the saying is, it is so undoubtedly true! I saw who really cared about me and who was really there for me, in my case, a half a world away. My overall number of friends from home decreased, but I have made more friends along the way who have helped me grow as a person instead of holding me back. With the family side of things… yes you might miss some family gatherings/reunions, dinners, and even some holidays, but at the end of the day they are still your family and also your biggest support system. Luckily they’re stuck with you so when you find yourself feeling a bit homesick, you will always have a place to stay. Lastly, you will see that you and your family will become a lot closer. The time that you get to spend with each other will become more rewarding and special… after all distance makes the heart grow fonder.

  1. “I can do it when I’m ready”

This is also a common phrase that I hear when talking to people about this topic. My reply to this is “Will you ever be ready to give up everything and start over?”. Things happen every single day that you aren’t ready for; you could get fired from your job, get a bad grade on the paper you worked so hard on, a loved one could pass away, or something so little as your pants ripped during work. But the important thing is how you deal with these happenings and that you allow them to help you grow instead of letting you shrink. No one is ever ready for a big move, no matter the distance. So just think to yourself, the fact that you have this desire to go make something of yourself means that you are ready, and you are capable of doing this.

  1. Go where? Meet who? Start how?

While these are the most important questions to ask yourself in the beginning, they aren’t necessarily everything about the process. Of course today, you have to have a job to make money to support yourself and your needs. So you think about what career path you are on, and after doing some research, you find a variety of places that people in this field flourish… why not go to one of these destinations? If you’re not on a specific career path, ask yourself “where is someplace I’ve always wanted to go?” and you go there. This question doesn’t have to be as difficult as one might make it. There are jobs everywhere, so if you find a location that makes your soul happy, I guarantee you will find a job there as well. Meeting people is the easy part. The great invention of social media has made that extremely easy. You can find groups and pages of people who have the same interests as you and build relationships from there. Or you can step slightly out of your comfort zone and just strike up a conversation with someone on the street, or sitting next to you in the local coffee shop. Start how? By taking a deep breath and telling yourself that everything is going to be fine and that you owe yourself this as a person. The rest will just seem to fall into place.

  1. Is this something I can do? Can I make it on my own?

You won’t fully know the answers to these questions until you try. Of course the first moths of being on your own are going to be a little shaky and weird, but that’s because you have finally cut yourself off and are realizing that you know more than you think you do about taking care of yourself. Our family is to thank for that one! You have to cook for yourself, do your own laundry, and even clean. You make every decision for yourself on your own instead of having someone telling you what’s right and wrong. But the most rewarding thing is how much you will mature and grow, and how much more knowledgeable you will become. Yes, you can do this and you will make it on your own, all you have to do is take that first step!

So the town you come from is not a big city, who cares? If you really want to do something you have every right to do it. Idols, such as George Clooney, Steve Carrel, Taylor Swift, and even Britney Spears all came from small towns; and although these are actors/singers, they’ve acquired an enormous amount of fame! So what I am saying to you is stop generating excuses. Stop tearing yourself down. And above all, stop convincing yourself that this is something that you cannot do and that you are not worth it, because I promise you… you are!

If you have any additional arguments that you would like to ask me about, feel free to comment or write me personally!

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