Do you find yourself thinking in ways different than most?

Do you question why people don’t see things the same way you do?

While this is completely normal and expected in the world today, you would like to be able to connect with people who can understand you on a deeper and more personal level.

I moved to Vienna, Austria from the United States a little over a year ago. I knew that this move was going to be huge for me, but being planted in a different culture definitely came as a shock when trying to find people to surround myself with. I realized that I had to open my eyes as well as my mind to others in order to create a more meaningful relationship with them. Putting my thoughts and opinions aside for the moment to fully listen and comprehend theirs. While doing so, I’ve not only become more educated as a person, but I have gained infinite respect through my peers and acquired friendships that will last a lifetime.

Maybe you haven’t had a huge move like me, but you are still searching for that missing piece. You would like to be able to clearly express your thoughts as well as be able to accept the thoughts and opinions of those around you in a more understandable manor. Gaining respect from your peers and becoming someone that people want to talk to.

Throughout my blog, I will be touching on a variety of topics, but through my eyes. I will be explaining the world as I see it in hopes, not to completely alter your outlook, but to broaden it. Even at the age of 23, I have heard, seen, and experienced many things and am very excited to share these with you. I want you to ask questions, and give your opinions. I want to understand you as much as you understand me. After all… we’re all searching for someone who understands us on a more intellectual level… why couldn’t that be here?

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