Have you ever had a moment in which you found yourself asking why humans are here on Earth? Or maybe even why you individually are here on this planet? As humans, we are born with a natural sense of curiosity. We tend to always find ourselves asking “Why?” for every single thing that seems to happen in our lives. Even from a young age of about three or four, we want an answer for everything; Why does the dog bark? Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to do my homework? Etc. But the truth is that all things cannot be answered, and in fact all things shouldn’t be answered but the important thing is how we deal with this. We have to be okay with knowing that there are some things on this planet that just are the way they are, there is no reason for it, nothing to back it up, and maybe even no proof as to how it came about… it just is.

As I mentioned before, our curiosity starts to kick in during our childhood. In this stage we are still trying to figure out the basics of the world surrounding us and to get a better idea of how things work and how everything progresses. This curiosity fuels us in a way. We find ourselves trying to push the limits to a point just to see what may or may not happen if you break the rules, or think outside of the box that you have been taught to stay in. We want to explore the world for ourselves but have reasoning as to why things are the way they are. As we grow older, the curiosity never dies. Maybe we don’t ask “why?” out loud as much but there is always something in our minds that we are curious as to what its purpose is, or why it happens this way. The older we get, the more that we can rely on other resources to help answer our questions: Google, YouTube, Documentaries and so on. But at what point is enough enough? At what point is asking “why?” out of our reach and knowledge?

When we constantly cloud our mind with “why?” we begin to lose focus on the ‘what is’. We begin to search so much for this information that we don’t enjoy the now, the time that we are living in at this exact moment. It is never ever a bad thing to be curious about the world around us and how it functions, but when you find yourself questioning something, ask your self ‘How important is this ‘thing’ I’m questioning to my everyday life?’

To me, there are two categories of “Why?” questions; the one is simple, why isn’t my phone working?, Why do I feel sick?, Why don’t I make as much money as I feel that I should?. These questions can all be answered quite simply and within a time frame. You can get your phone looked at, see a doctor, or make a lifestyle change for yourself that better suits you and makes you happier. The harder questions are the ones that I want to focus on more, and the two biggest ones that I hear from people are: “Why are we (humans) here?” and “Why am I here?”. I know many people who have searched and searched for answers to these questions only to realize that there isn’t one. Lets take a look at each one…

Why are we (humans) here?

Honestly, there is no reason as to why we are here. We just so happened to evolve from microorganisms into the beings that we are today, through evolution and science but more or less out of pure coincidence. We are on one planet in a multi-universe, we don’t know if life exists elsewhere and it is very very difficult to find out. Although we are trying, even if other life forms are found, it doesn’t explain the importance of ours here on Earth at this exact moment of time. The point of the matter is that we are here, we are surviving and living everyday to the max. We have the resources that we need to survive and we grow as a world every single day together. We advance ourselves technologically and we do what we have to too keep our race alive and thriving. Outside of this planet, no one knows that we exist. No one understands the advancements that we have accomplished and someday when the human race is no longer here, everything that we have accomplished will go with it.

It is kind of sad to think about and kind of daunting to think that everything that we are working towards could all be useless eventually, but this is the reality of it. Live your life to the fullest NOW, IN THIS MOMENT. Make the difference that you want to make in the world today while you can. Don’t get too caught up on the question of why we exist. Be happy about the fact that you do exist and that during the duration of the time that you have on this planet, you can make a difference to those around you. You have the ability to touch someone’s life today, enjoy every second because everyone’s time is limited. Focus on the now and see how much more wonderful your life will become.

Why am I here?

Again as stated before, you are one part of an evolution of many others. The exact reason that you are alive and living on this planet cannot be answered really but the important thing is that you are. While you have your time on this planet, you can do things to help evolve and help progress the planet. Some may look at this as their “purpose”, although on the grander scale you purpose is not necessarily the most important thing, but during your lifetime, why not find it and live it?

Your purpose is to live your life in a way that makes you happy. That fulfills your every desire. To do the things that you love every single day not because you have to, but because you want to. Your purpose is to find something that you feel gives you meaning in life, something that makes you stand out from the rest. Something that you are confident in and that you know you can make a difference in. But the important thing with this is patience. In life, the things you want most tend to take time, and they also come when you least expect it. In fact, you may already be serving your purpose right now and not even realize it. You may be looking so hard for it and yet it is right in front of your face. But also know that you are not limited to only one purpose. You are unlimited and able to do anything that you set your mind too. Don’t limit yourself to the things you only know, try new things and adventure out more. Not only will you grow as a person, but you will find many purposes that you possesses; and from there you can continue to share those with the world.


We will always ask “why?”, we will always be curious and that is part of what makes us humans thrive and survive. But with more focus on the things that we are able to control and understand we will only continue to progress forward. Getting too stuck on the unanswerable will only hold us back from becoming the best that we can be.



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