Every day that we wake up, we are blessed with the opportunity to open our eyes and explore more of the world around us. Sure, for most of us, we have our daily routines and jobs and families that we have responsibility of but what I want you to think about is, in your life at this very moment, do you consider yourself limitless? Free to do whatever it is that YOU WANT to do, not have to do, but genuinely want to do to. You see, we are all born limitless, however that ultimate freeness tends to fade away after time, responsibilities tend to take over, opinions seems to cloud judgments and so on. But while reading this, I want you to temporarily erase all of those “have to do’s”, the daily stresses that seem to loom over your head and clear your brain to fully gain back your sense of limitless.

We were all born onto this planet as a blank really, our exteriors all looked different but in our brain there was nothing. We didn’t know right from wrong, yes or no, basic words and even basic actions; aside from the ones that our body does automatically for us. At this point in our life we are truly limitless the world is our oyster. It is in this period of our life where we are our freest and most vulnerable. As we grow up, we get disciplined by our parents, told what is right and wrong, get told ‘no’ a lot, but also get told ‘yes’ even more and rewarded for our behaviors. Our parents thoughts start to become our own because this is who we are around 24/7 365. We like to think that ultimately we have created our own thoughts and opinions to create the life that we have today, but without the help of our guardians we would never have made it this far.

Having direction in life is never bad; however, letting this direction define your life is what takes away your freedom. By constantly needing approval from others and living your daily life based on what’s ‘cool’ or ‘in style’ is limiting you. By creating excuse after excuse as to why you can’t wake up early, lose the weight that you have been wanting to lose for quite some time now, going to the same dreadful job everyday, taking care of everyone else around you but YOURSELF, is limiting who you are as a person. By being dependent on those around you in order to get through your day, whether you are happy or not, it is all limitations that you are forcing upon yourself. My first question for you is, when was the last time that you have truly done something for yourself without hesitation, without thoughts of how others may perceive it, without responsibilities looming over your head; something that made you feel limitless?

I have referred to our brain being the most powerful tool a lot throughout my writings. We have within each and every one of us something that is wayyyyyy more powerful than the eye can see, than any machine we use, which for me is absolutely mind-blowing within its self. Our brain is functioning constantly, even without our knowledge; we breath, our hearts beat, our muscles move, we hear, see, feel, taste all without having to focus or think about constantly. Our brains are easily trainable. We are capable of learning or doing literally anything that we set our minds too. We have this limitless with us always throughout our entire lives; the only thing is, very few people truly live their life limitless.

We have responsibilities that we have to tend to, jobs, families, eating and so on. However within every single thing that we do, sub consciously we limit ourselves. Our brain tries to hold us back from things that may not be ‘safe’ as a natural instinct. The most powerful machine in the world that we possess even TRIES to limit us. I say ‘tries to’ because we are in control of our thoughts, we are in control of what we do and when we decide to do it. Yes, we have people around us that we love and care for dearly but that should be a want not a have to. Sure we might be hesitant or to achieve certain things in life, scared to break away from the normality of the world around us, but after you complete your task or your want, you have a rush of adrenaline inside of you that is unexplainable. By truly living your life limitless, you ignore the latest trends, you find a career that although may not pay as well, keeps you happy. You surround yourself with the people who are truly like you, not the ones who give you a good status. You travel when you want to, do all of the crazy things that you have put on your bucket list, you re-find yourself fully and you live every single day as if it were your last. You are yourself 100%. You don’t allow these limitations to sneak in and control you. You don’t allow society to tell you what is right and wrong, good or bad, ugly or pretty. YOU ARE LIMITLESS!

We all have the ability within us to become limitless, to become the people we have always wanted to become. Eliminate the excuses and the laziness and train your brain to delete the fear of everything around you. I challenge you to live one week truly limitless, free of looming responsibilities, free of judgments and free of orders from those around you. I challenge you to free yourself and do the things that truly make you happy. I challenge you to return back to your limitless self that you once were years ago and then I want you to think about not only how this made you feel, but how you can be like this throughout your every day life forever.





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