The Importance Of Finding a Career Over A Job



In today’s world, we are all aware that money is what makes this world go round. It’s what keeps us going and what usually tends to keep us motivated and striving for something more. But although we are earning money for ourselves, what are we “spending” in order to receive it?

Looking around at the many different types of people in the world and the occupations that they have chosen for themselves, I can’t help but notice that only 10% of people actually seem happy with their line of work and content with how they are spending their days. So what about the other 90%? For most, they go to school for degrees that they know with be profitable in the end, they take the ‘safe’ route in order to secure financial stability for both themselves as well as their future families. These people, although brilliant and thriving in their profession, still manage to be unhappy, still manage to find something each day that tends to make their excitement of going to work decrease. After awhile, the routine gets old and they feel as though it is something that they have to do, like a chore in order to survive. Working is necessary for us to survive yes, but if we have to spend the majority of our life doing one thing, why not make it something that you love and are passionate about? Why not make it something that you look forward to each and every day? Don’t you think you owe at least this much to yourself, happiness day in and day out?

We’ve all heard growing up the differences between a job and a career. Only recently have I truly understood the difference between the two. To me, a job is temporary, something that you do just to make enough money to get by until you find something that really pulls you in and brings out your passion. A career on the other hand, is something that you build up, you continuously grow as a person and at the same time you help others around you grow; you inspire others because you have motivation each and every day, you look forward to going to work because you know that you are making a difference, no matter how big or how small it may be.

The problem most people face is comfortability. After you graduate, you find a job, not doing exactly what you wanted to do but something somewhat similar or maybe even something totally different. You get into the company because you have this motivation now, but after some time, you begin to realize that this isn’t what you want for yourself, this wasn’t your ultimate dream. Time seems to pass a bit more rapidly and you start to realize that you have to make a decision; do you stay with the job that you are at and try to work your way up in the company, although you are unhappy, or, do you take the risk and start over, find new jobs that better suit you, something that you know will help you grow and keep you positive throughout the rest of your life? This decision is yours and only yours, but it’s something that one really needs to think about.

As you all know I am a dancer, I have been for 21 years of my life and still to this day I get excited to get into the studio. I feel at home, stress free, inspired and productive each and everyday. When I’m taking class, I’m focused on bettering myself and when I’m teaching classes I do everything that I can to allow my students to learn and grow. I bring excitement into the classroom, try to keep things interesting and make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves even though they are focused as well. Dancing is an art, expressing yourself through movement can be depicted in whichever way your body feels the music. Everyone hears music differently, moves differently, learns differently and expresses themselves differently. In the studio, this is their chance to let their real selves shine, who they are; and I get to see this every single day. What most students don’t realize is that although I am the teacher, they teach me just as much as I teach them. Everyday that I leave work I am happy. I know that my time was not wasted because I have made a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small. I helped them learn something new that previous to that day they had no knowledge of, and for me, there is no better feeling in the world. I have found my career! I don’t allow myself to get too caught up in financials; I make enough to live and that is all I need, because with that I still have my positivity, happiness and my passion.

Life is too short to not be happy… don’t waste the little time that you have here on Earth forcing yourself to do things that don’t excite you, or motivate you. Find your passion, something that will bring excitement back into your life and go for it. Take the risk. Even if at first you fail, they beauty of life is that you can keep going. The world is ours to take, but we have to be willing to take it for ourselves. So my question for you is, your current occupation, is it a job or a career; and if it is a job, what are you going to do about it?




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