“Whatever You Believe You Can Achieve”, Right?


We have all heard the saying that you can do whatever you put your mind to, whatever you believe you will achieve. For most people this is something that they say both to themselves and to others around them, but at the same time they don’t fully live by these words or they don’t have the proof that they need in order to fully believe themselves when they say it. They say it more so as a confidence booster, something like a pep-talk for themselves or for those around them; but if you are anything like me, you are able to see through them and realize that they don’t truly believe in what they are saying, that they themselves don’t believe that this method really works. Although the gesture is ALWAYS appreciated and very thoughtful, it is kind of hard for one to believe it when there is already doubt presented with it.

I was always told growing up that I can do whatever I want in this world, that I can become literally anything that I wanted to with a little bit of hard work and dedication. I myself was a bit skeptical at first, the thought of having everything in front of me for my choosing seemed way to good to be true. But the older I get the truer this statement becomes for me, in both grander ways and smaller ways. For example, I always knew since I was a child that I wanted to be a dancer, a performer and to help spread my knowledge of dance to others in the world. When I went to University, at first I thought it was unpractical to get a degree in just Dance & Dance Education, but after trying a couple other fields, I realized that both my heart and my mind were set and that I would do anything that I could to make this work and become practical for myself. I was extremely lucky that I had the support from my family, and that they didn’t view it as a waste of time and money (as I initially thought that they would). Graduation came and there was a moment where I thought to myself, “okay, what next?”. I knew I wanted to travel the world, experience new cultures; and as a dancer I knew I could perform or teach anywhere in the world!

Then I received a phone call, one asking if I wanted to come and stay in Vienna, Austria and teach dance at a studio in the city. What could be better right?! Basically all of my dreams wrapped up in one beautiful package and handed to me at the most perfect moment. I took it, and ventured off on my own to a new unknown location halfway around the world, but despite and fear or doubt, I knew that I could do it and succeed. I told myself upon making the decision that if I was to go, the only option is to grow and to learn and 2+ years later I’m still here, still growing and still learning every single day. I believed in my decisions, and myself. I had a dream and I continue to follow it, taking criticism but only like a grain of salt and conquering anything that I put my mind to.

The example above is a very large example. One on a more extreme scale if you rather, but what about something smaller? Something that anyone and everyone could do? I was told about a month ago, that in order to receive my Visa I had to take a German language test level A1, not only did I have to take it, I had two weeks to take the exam and provide them with the results… talk about stress overload. Until this point, the only German that I really used was in the dance studio, and I’m sure words like stretch, feet, head, legs, arms etc. would not be very useful in the exam, or would be the entire exam. So I had a lot of learning to do and not a lot of time to do it. For me this was a challenge, an obstacle that I had to overcome and in doing so, I wanted to not only pass the test, but also defeat it. Again proving to myself that anything is possible when your mind is there.

Two weeks went by very fast, I would spend 3-6 hours a day studying (no courses were available for me to take, so I resorted to Duolingo and YouTube), I would take practice test after practice test and then work on my mistakes. Finally, the day had come, I took the test and felt very confident in everything. Three days later I called to see what I scored and I knew I needed a 60% out of 100% to pass. I received a 95% out of 100%, “Sehr gut bestanden”. I did it!!! I set my mind to something and it was achieved, more than achieved. Even in as little as two weeks, I can now speak a language that prior to this, I thought would be impossible to learn or to fully understand.

I am not telling these stories to toot my own horn, or to brag about myself. I am sharing these stories with you as proof that this “silly” saying really means something, and it’s something that I can say now with proof and confidence. For most people, seeing is believing. Setting a goal and seeing results is both uplifting and satisfying. My challenge for you is to find a goal, something that can be achievable within a certain time frame (ie: 2-4 weeks). I then want you to dedicate some time to this goal every single day, whether its an hour, four hours, five-ten minutes, anything is something! Repeat to yourself that you are capable to do anything that you set your mind to, and then watch the magic unfold.

Sure, anyone can tell you anything. But the best way to find things out, or to prove something to be true is through your self. When you can see it with your own two eyes, suddenly everything becomes believable. Can you imagine the unlimited amount of power that you have just discovered? Can you imagine what you could now become knowing that you have had this power inside of you all along? Try this experiment for yourself… I promise you will enjoy the clarity!




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