Be the Good!

Recently, a lot of things have began to clarify and surprisingly simplify for me. It’s in large part due to the fact that I actually have the time to sit down and process out all my insane thoughts, crazy ideas and clarify what my life dreams really are. But the biggest thing that has been screaming to me lately is the importance of energy. Energy can be a lot of things and it can also be one very simple thing.

Everything and everyone has energy, we learned this back in grade school science class and really couldn’t process the extremity of it. Flash forward 15 years and it is all finally starting to make sense! You see, most people get weird vibes from certain people, places or even things; this is due to the energy that it is putting off. This is the version of energy that we learn and understand at a younger age and are able to use it to protect ourselves. But the other type of energy that I’m referring to, is YOUR energy!

When you are not feeling good, do you notice how you become whiny, miserable, perhaps snap at those around you who are only trying to comfort you?  When something goes wrong in your day and from that moment on you become the raging Hulk at everyone who crosses your path? Do you notice that people tend to keep a distance from you? This is all due  to the energy that you are giving off!

99% of the time, it is written in your actions how you are feeling internally. Just by someone taking a small glance at you, they can feel this cloud of darkness that covers you and if it is someone you are close to, they usually begin to form their own cloud based on the empathy that they feel for you, or the fact that you are ranting about all of our problems spreading negative energy for your own benefit.

Be the person that changes the energy in every room they walk into. Be the one that lifts the rain out of the clouds that shadow over others heads. Even just a smile could do wonders! What we have to start seeing is that energy, although is something we cannot see, is something that we are fully able to control!

Try it out for a week. Tune your brain into recognizing the energy that not only others are giving off, but that you give off as well. Allow your mindset to think positive thoughts constantly and you will be able to see the energy in everyone you meet flourish right before your very eyes. This is a life trick that very few people not only figure out, but actually make a point to put into practice. Try it out for yourself and watch the world around you evolve into a much happier and healthier version. Full of smiles and dominating goals! Keep your energy positive, no matter how hard it may be, and joyfully receive all of the amazing gifts that this world has to offer you!


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