What’s Your Perspective?

This world is a place that is FULL of uncertainty, and to make it even more daunting, we decide to stress ourselves out over the endless “what if’s”. Something that I have learned lately is that people are going to be who THEY are, regardless of how you wish that they were. Situations are going to pan out AS THEY SHOULD, regardless of how much stress and worry you put on them. Everything in this life is all about perspective, and allowing yourself to not only see things for what they really are, but to be able to process them as such and to be okay with whatever the outcome may be.

I’ll admit, it’s realllllly easy to get pulled into the negative side of thinking, the brain starts playing out every possible outcome and you want to try to prepare yourself for the worst, trust me, I get it! But have you ever sat and really thought about all the things that you are worrying about? How much of what is going on in your brain is in your control? Are these things that by worrying and doubting and questioning that you can see making them happen the way that you want them to? Or most times does it end up happening the opposite way?

What some people fail to see is that if your manifesting negative thoughts, self-doubt, defeat, and doubt in your daily life, you are giving power to those thoughts and the outcome is most likely going to be in line with those. By thinking positive, with a good perception, you are showing the universe the confidence that you have within yourself to make these things turn out in your favor. PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING!!

Take a moment and write out all of the thoughts that you have right now, I know that this could be an endless list for some, but pick the top 3-5. Under each one write out your ultimate goal; example:

Thought: “How can I reach more people with my writings?”

Goal: “To have a solid number of followers who enjoy reading and reacting to my content.”

After this, write out the positive things that you know that you can do in order to achieve this goal, imagine that it is already done and that you are in the ‘maintenance phase’. By doing this, you have already convinced your subconscious that it is going to get done and you are already one step closer.

In a separate column, write down the negative thoughts that you may have about them and then see how you can transfer the negative thoughts to positive ones;

Negative Thought:  “No one is liking my posts so therefore they must not be very good.”

Positive Version: “Just because they aren’t hitting the like button, doesn’t mean that they aren’t gaining anything from the reading, at the end of the day it’s not about likes, it’s about getting your message across to as many people as you can to make a difference in someone’s life.”

BAM! Something as small as this can change your entire thinking and feelings on a situation. Life isn’t meant to be stressful and difficult, unless you want it that way! Change your perspective, think positive and positivity will flow towards you… yes it really is that easy! It took me awhile to figure this out, but I hope now that you have, you will be happier and more motivated to go after the dreams that you have for yourself!


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