Flow With the Go

Flow with the Go

Yes, flow with the go… not go with the flow. If there is one thing that this crazy pandemic has proven… which there is many… it’s that at any second, EVERYTHING can change. This type of drastic feeling is usually something that we experience when we lose someone close to us, or lose a job that we felt completely secure in, but this type of change affected everyone on this planet at roughly the same time. We went from our daily routines, our jobs and lifestyles, to well…. quarantine. Being forced to stay within the 4 walls that we call home and terrified that we may catch this deadly illness. In the matter of a day, our lives went from everything to nothing.

Most people find a sense of security in planning, whether it’s their days, their weeks, their futures or even their lives in general. I want to make clear that there is nothing wrong with this. I too find my motivation in making to-do lists and enjoy the satisfaction of crossing things off as I go along; it’s natural! However, like this craziness that we are encountering now, things do happen… and most of which are completely out of your control. You have to be able to roll with the punches and face the challenges that come your way. Have a sense of preparedness for the blinded right hooks that throw your ‘plans’ a little off track.

What tends to happen is when things don’t go according to your ‘plan’, your life then begins to spiral and you find yourself feeling lost. You begin questioning, “what am I going to do now?” “where do I go from here?” “why did this happen to me?”. With all of these questions the answer is quite simple:

What am I going to do now?

You’re going to stand up and take action. No feeling sorry for yourself and laying around sad because you feel like you’re a loser (or whatever negative emotion you feel at this time). What are you going to do? You’re going to use this as a lesson that shit happens and you’re going to allow yourself to not only grow, but to up your game and finally go after those dreams of yours… you should be asking “what’s holding me back?”… Maybe this loss was exactly what you needed to get yourself back on track?

Where do I go from here?

FORWARD!!! To often we dwell on the past. We constantly think of the “what-if’s” and convince ourselves that there is some magical way that we can change the outcome to what has already happened. IT ALREADY HAPPENED! It’s done, over with. Accept it for what it is and keep on truckin! Take the time that you need in order to come to terms with it, then propel yourself forward and show the world how much of a badass you really are!

Why did this happen to me?

Well… to be frank, LIFE HAPPENS. Stop taking everything so personal!!! But the real reason these things happen to you is because you are meant for greater. Bad things happen to people all day everyday, life. But what people don’t see is that it had to happen. If you are scratching your head right now, let me better explain this. Say you had a job that you have had for years, and then all the sudden you got laid off. Now, you didn’t know this was coming, and yeah I would expect you to be a little shocked and confused. But in the big picture, this job left you because you are capable and ready to do something so much better! Notice I said ‘left you’, they let you go because your talents are no longer working for them. You can take that to heart and think that you’re a no good pos, or you can take it with pride and realize that you can do so much better!

The constant questioning and worrying is the reason why your anxiety/depression spikes, you begin to fall ill and you can’t focus on the other aspects of your life. By allowing yourself to obsess over one tiny misfortune, you have thrown yourself and the rest of your life completely off track. Take a deep breath… I promise everything will turn out better than you have ever imagined!

Life is always on the go, you have to flow with what it is that it gives you and soak up every single bit of it! As hard as it may be, stay positive when times are down, it will only make you stronger and help you grow. You will soon realize that when you maintain a sense of positivity, good things will always radiate towards you. The bad days will be less and less because you’ve learned to see them as good. You have one chance at life, would you rather spend it stressing and worrying, or smiling and enjoying every second for what it is?

Flow with the go… You got this!


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