Opperation Declutter


Happy New Year Everyone! It’s the time of the year when everyone is starting to set goals with the fresh start lingering in their minds. The problem is, is most people set their goals and then fail to reach them… more like a limited burst of energy and motivation that slowly turns back into old habits and excuses.

The reason that most people fail to meet their own expectations is because of all the clutter that is going on in their brains as well as their surroundings. We love to hold on to memories and we look for those memories in any little thing that we can find; a shirt we wore on a date with a special someone or even a gift that a grandparent may have given you 10+ years ago. We cling to these objects as a reminder of a time that has past. But what we fail to realize, is that while we are keeping all of these objects, we begin to clutter our surroundings with nothing but memories from the past. Most are good, but there are bad ones that we hold on to as well. With these momentos constantly around you, and the constant reminder of what happened in the past, you are unable to look forward and see the future. The memories that you have made will stick with you for forever, that shirt doesn’t hold the power to replay that night for you it is just something to trigger the memories to come back.

Use this time to declutter your home first. Do the dreaded deep clean to start this year off the right way! But when I say deep clean, I mean dive deep! Detach yourself from the clothes that you continue to create excuses and places that you may or may not wear them to. Get rid of the shoes that are in the back of your closet that are falling apart. Go through EVERYTHING and if you can remember having it 5 years ago and can’t remember the last time you used it, time to throw it out! At first this might be a little over-bearing and I get it, it’s not always so easy to let go. BUT, I can promise you that you will feel an amazing sense of relief as well as a new vibe from your home, which in return with help with the de-cluttering of your mind.

The mind gets loaded with 34 GB of data daily. THAT’S A LOT OF INFORMATION! And the processing of that information can be overwhelming and impossible. Have you ever sat down for a second and thoughts just began popping up in your mind? Jumping from subject to subject and as soon as you finally start to solve the one problem it jumps to something else and you have to start all over? This is the clutter I am talking about. But the question is, how do you get rid of it? WRITE IT OUT! Seriously, take the time and sit down with your thoughts, get them all out on paper… as detailed as they go. Once it is on this paper, one of two things are going to happen: It will no longer be an issue that you allow your self to spend time thinking on, or seeing it written down will allow you to see it from a new perspective and to solve the problem at hand. Either way, I see it as a win-win!

I myself have been implementing the declutter technique and I fond that it is beginning to open a whole new set of doors for me, as well as making me more realistic about what goals I am setting for the new year. Whatever you do, START SMALL and work your way up from there; starting with huge dreams will only let you and your expectations down. Figure out what your ultimate goal is and create smaller goals to get to it! The new year is here, but instead of “New Year New Me”, let’s make it “New Year, Same Me, New Vibes”.


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