Body & Fitness To-Do’s to Clarify Both Your Mind & Body Pt. 2: Diet, Vitamins & Supplements

With all of this advice in mind, I have successfully changed my daily routine in a way that helps my body and mind function as it is supposed to. I have felt many changes throughout the process and I am excited to share with all of you in a little more detail what exactly I have done and why I chose to do them. Now, all of these may not be suitable for you, and that is okay! You shouldn’t do anything that your body doesn’t want or that you don’t feel safe doing. However, once you try most of these I think the results will begin to speak for themselves!

I always hear people say that “fitness is a lifestyle” and to some degree it kind of is. To me it is an added “daily to-do” that you make time for in your daily schedule. But fitness alone is not a lifestyle. HEALTHY is a lifestyle, and although working out and exercising does aid in your health and is very good for everyone to do, it’s everything else that you do in life that really makes the difference. You cannot go to the gym everyday, work your but off, and then go eat pizza and expect to see any changes. What we feed our bodies, the medications that we take and how much sleep we get, all play a factor into how many results you will see.

Yes, we’re all busy I get it…really! However, at what point do you make the decision for yourself that you’re going to treat your body the way it should be… not just what’s convenient at the time? Sure living a healthy lifestyle takes a little more effort, but it does nothing for your time issues. Its substituting McDonalds for a homemade meal, or waking up 5 minutes earlier to complete your morning exercise. Take it slow, make small changes daily or even weekly until you get into sync with things and then you will begin to realize not only that it’s really not difficult at all, but you feel a million times better and happier each and every day!

Your “diet” does not have to resemble a diet that you may see advertised, or buy pills to do. All it means is what you are consuming to fuel your body. By watching what you eat just a little bit closer, you can save yourself a lot of sickness in the future. Trust me, I am not one to count calories or even read labels at all. But by having knowledge of which foods are generally healthy for you as well as how much your body can take of the un healthy stuff, I have found my balance and the healthy lifestyle has become quite easy for me. Easy substitutions like cooking with Olive Oil instead of butter, or using sea salt instead of regular salt, honey instead of sugar. These small changes don’t alter the taste of the dish all that much, but it sure makes it a lot healthier.

Going back to the vitamins and supplements that I take daily. I have chosen these specific supplements due to what I want to improve in my body. There are tons of other supplements out there that may work better for you and if you have certain areas that you want to target it is more than worth it to do the research or ask your doctor which ones would suit you best. Also, if you have any supplements that you take that you think I would like, comment below and let me know!

To give you a more in-depth look as to why I take these, I’m going to break each one down a little bit for you:


This vitamin is truly a miracle worker! A couple pills a day and a lot of your problems seem to wash away… literally! Omega3 helps fight depression and anxiety, promotes brain health, improves risks factors for heart disease, and can fight autoimmune disease. Along with these, it aids in eye health, improves bone and joint health and it’s even good for the skin! A major reason why I started taking Omega3 is due to the cancer-fighting components that it has. Cancer is a very real thing that seems to be growing in the world today, and why wouldn’t you want to do the small things to help prevent it? Omega3 is my number 1 recommended vitamin for sure and the research of benefits continues to grow!


BCAA’s is a supplement that I have only started taking within the past year or so. I can honestly say that I wish I knew about these long ago so that I had the effects much earlier in life, but hey, better late than never right?! If you are an active person, regardless what activity you are doing, your muscles are always working and always building. BCAA’s are the perfect supplements for you and your journey! They enhance muscle protein synthesis, support hormone balance during training and improve your overall strength development. The best part about them is that they help increase your fat burning and support fat loss, allowing you to gain more muscle while shedding off the fat. After exercise, I can feel that it decreases my muscle soreness and makes me less tired. For those of you who have Diabetes, BCAA’s are a great way to improve your overall insulin heath due to the ability to increase uptake of glucose into the muscle cells. I take 2-3 BCAA pills a day, whether it’s in the morning or at night after work. I have also tried and loved the BCAA mix as well, a powder that you add to water with many different flavors and you still get all of the same benefits… and your daily amount of water intake!


Turmeric is something that I also have only started to take recently, however, I can see the benefits each and every single day. I myself take this in pill form but there are other options that can help you get the same effects, such as, cooking with it or adding it to your smoothies. Turmeric is amazing in the sense that it a natural body detoxifier. It does all of the hard work for you and it boosts your skin’s health as well. For those of you who may suffer from acne like I do, this is a game changer! I have also noticed that my hair is much thicker and my nails are much stronger and grow quicker while looking healthier than ever. Some other benefits that turmeric can provide are again reducing depression symptoms, allowing you to be happy and positive all the time. Slows or prevents blood clots as well as reducing the growth of fat cells. It has been a proven ingredient in curing high cholesterol and also preventing some cancers. One small pill or teaspoon a day and you’re on your way to a healthier life… yes it really is that easy!


Collagen is a supplement that I have only been using for awhile now, and I’m amazed at the results it has given me! Before deciding to take this, I did a lot of research on it. Through the research I noticed one thing everything had in common and that was ‘looking ahead to my future’. We all age, that is bound to happen, but why do we have to get the wrinkles and hair loss that comes with it? NOW WE DON’T… or at least not as quickly! Collagen not only improves the overall health of your skin, nails, hair, and teeth but it is also a natural anti-aging supplement as well. It reduces joint pain, boosts metabolism, muscular mass & energy output. Improves liver health, protects cardiovascular health and can heal “leaky gut syndrome”. Looking ahead for your body’s future is never a bad thing, and since we have the capability and the technology now to help, why not take full advantage of them?


If you have ever seen the show Limitless, you’re familiar with the drug NZT. GABA is the less strong and legal version of this, and it really works! I’ve noticed with GABA that I have become much more chill and laid back. It calms my nerves, improves my mood and also helps improve the anxiety that I get from time to time. For females, this is a GAME CHANGER for PMS, I have taken Midol and other pills to help get through that painful time of every month and yet GABA seems to be the only one that has worked for me. I compare it to NZT in the sense that it aids in concentration and focus while helping to increase your memory. It blocks out all of the chaos that swirls in your head and leaves you with a sense of peace and clarity so you can complete tasks much easier and faster. If you suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome, these pills are your answer! Since it calms down the muscles in your body, you are so relaxed that the pain and figgiting seem to disappear. But above all else, I love this supplement because of the quality of sleep that I get after taking it. It allows my body and mind to turn off and lets me get a deeper and better sleep overall. GABA is a game changer and I seriously recommend this to anyone, whether you have an active lifestyle or not!


If you’ve ever heard of or researched Bone Broth, you have probably been slightly disgusted at what you see or hear. I know I was when my boyfriend first introduced the idea to me. For those who aren’t sure what Bone Broth really is, it’s taking the bones from cows, pigs, chickens or fish and slow cooking them for 15-20 hours with some other selective ingredients (I’ll mention below) in order to produce an almost soup like substance that you are then able to drink. Although it is not the best tasting drink, once you know some of the benefits, the taste becomes worth it! Bone Broth both heals and seals your gut, allowing your digestive system and immune system to stay consistent and preventing illness. It protects your joints and increases your bone strength. It also helps you look younger and sleep better. Again, these are just a few of the MANY benefits that Bone Broth has on the body. But even these few make it more than worth it to me!

In our Bone Broth, we use both beef and pork bones. We bake them in the oven for 30-35 minutes in order to let the juices out and to soften the bone marrow inside the bones. We then transfer them to the Crock-pot and add in 1 onion, 1 lemon, celery, carrots, black peppercorns, sea salt, chia seeds, turmeric, ginger, garlic, 2 tablespoons of vinegar and lots of water! We let it cook on low heat setting for about 20 hours and then we sift out the vegetables and bone and are left with only the liquid. The best part is with this, you are able to add whatever you want to the mix adjusting it to your taste! YUMMYYY!

I have also taken other supplements such as Multi-vitamins, Vitamin B-12 and Biotin in the past, and still sometimes ever so frequently. I try to stick with the musts as much as possible, and I also have to do what feels right for my body at the time as well. Sometimes mixing to many vitamins can leave you feeling sick and that’s not what the goal is here!

All of this is just a glimpse into what I personally do on the daily in order to keep my mind and body going the way that I want it to. I don’t have the time or the want to be sick all of the time and just by doing these small things I have seen many changes in my body for the better. I encourage you to do research on your own to find out which supplements would work the best for you and also make sure that none of them could affect you in a negative way! People think that in order to be healthy and to stay in shape it has to take all of your time and energy when in reality it takes almost none of your time and instead of taking your energy, it gives you more. More positivity, more energy, and more self-confidence in yourself. I have seen the proof and I feel the happiness daily, who wouldn’t want to live their life happily always?

If you have any questions about anything that I have covered either in the video or in the blog or if you would like some more advice other supplements you could take for certain things, feel free to write me and we can talk about it. Change can be weird and hard at first but once you get in the groove you’ll question why you didn’t start earlier!

Up Next: Body & Fitness To-Do’s Part 3: Clarity of the Mind



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