Friday’s Food For Thought


No matter where you may be or who you may be around, be conscious of what you are saying to those who matter most to you. It doesn’t take much to hurt someone’s feelings to the point where they begin to look at you in a different light. I am in no way saying that you shouldn’t be yourself, or to limit your expressions and how you feel. But always remember that people will forget the words that you said to upset them, most may even forget exactly what you did to upset them, but no one will ever forget how you made them feel; and that is something that will be against you and this person for a long time.

It’s important to choose your words wisely whenever you are communicating, how you speak, the words you use and the way you say them reflect you as an individual. If being successful or wanting respect is something that you crave but you know doesn’t happen for you very often, maybe take a step back and evaluate yourself, take a look at yourself as if you were someone else, how would you remember this person? How do they make you feel? (they being yourself from another perspective). Everyone can gain respect, but you also have to be respectful to others. That’s how life is and always will be.

So, maybe having no filter in what you are saying and not really thinking before you act can cause you more trouble than good… just something to think about on this sunny Friday!

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