A Letter From An Immigrant


Maybe it’s because I am finally old enough to see and understand how this world of ours works, but I cant help but ask, why do things have to be this way? Exploring other countries and residing there for some time should be welcomed and encouraged, not seen as a problem or better yet, next to impossible to do. I am an immigrant. I am from the United States and my dreams and urge to see the rest of the world led me to Vienna, Austria. I love it here, mostly because it is so incredibly different, in almost everyway, than what I grew up knowing and experiencing. But with how this world is going, I’m afraid that opportunities like this will only become less and less.

I am up to date with the world and all of the political non-sense that is happening, whether it’s between countries, within countries, or terror on other countries and their people. These events and situations are heartbreaking and the lives of many innocent people are taken with no answers. Although the acts of terror are blamed on ISIS, it only continues to grow from there. Going then to refugees and then to immigrants and now, every border in Europe is guarded with maximum security for the first time in many years. I am fully aware of who the blame is set on, but as someone who is from America, with clearly no ties to any country or people involved in these terrorist groups, why am I being punished as well? I have a job, a bank account, insurance, an apartment that I live in and yet in order to stay here, I have to jump through hoop after hoop and continue to pay money, only to get denied in the end and sent back home.

I love America, and I am proud to be born and raised in this incredible country, but moving here and venturing throughout Europe has enlightened me so much to what the world really is about. Not politics, not war, not terror, but beauty, cultures of every sort, and history. I have learned more about myself as well as the rest of the world through living and experiencing, not Youtubing and Googling. But now I fear that I will end up becoming a prisoner of my own country, bound between two oceans and the only experience that I will get will be within the US border. That my children and their children will never be able to experience the beauties that this world has to offer without going through an extensive process if even at all. I am an immigrant, but I am not part of the problem and I refuse to be treated as though I am.

Thinking about this truly made me open my eyes to the stereotypes that the world has to today on people from certain countries, how all Muslims are considered a threat to the world because “they’re responsible for all the terror”, but every Muslim is not a threat. EVERY Muslim is not involved in every crime, or has knowledge of what will happen next. But instead of understanding that, the world shuts them out and corners them with a label of being “terrorists” and “trouble-makers”. This is fair right? This is justice? If a group of people from your country was causing uproar in the world that is a reflection of yourself to? NO, it isn’t.

As an American here, many people have mentioned how stupid we are as a country to elect Donald Trump as our president. While they were saying this to me, I was not only taken back, but I could tell that I was included in the “we are as a country” part. Now, my political views are of business to no one, but as a nation we voted and Trump won, what point is it to riot and complain and bad mouth the person in charge of my country. Why continuously tear him down, regardless if I agree with his views or not, why help others diminish my own country? The country I was born and raised, the country that I call home?

I am proud to say that I am an immigrant. These past two years I have become more mature, more worldly, and a better individual because I got out of the boundaries of ‘home’. I am just tired of constantly being labeled and misconstrued because of how other people on this planet behave. I am not those people. I to want the terror to stop, but the more they constrict people and the more they try to take control over us, I fear the more terror that will happen. I don’t want the world to be like this, as citizens on this planet, we don’t deserve the world to be like this. If we continue to live in fear, we are doing exactly what the terrorists want and in the end, they win.

We only have one life to live, and I choose to live mine with no fear and experiencing everything that I can while I can. I am an immigrant, and I am proud.

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