Eliminate The Negative


The amount of negativity that looms over the world is both terrifying and extremely sad. I see more and more people every single day who are already defeated before any idea even gets received in their mind. They downgrade their selves because they refuse to put in the effort or even to alter their way of thinking. Positivity is all about out look; it is all in your mind and how you choose to look at the situation. So now my question for you is, are you a glass half-full or a glass half-empty person?

As over-used as this expression is, you can easily get a feel for a person just by having them answer this. By seeing the glass half-full, you are allowing yourself to be grateful for what you are provided, no matter the amount; but by seeing the glass half-empty, you are in a sense displaying greed and unhappiness. That what you have is not enough for you, although this could be a good thing in the sense of continuously setting higher goals to reach them, most people who have goals are positive, half-full people anyway. By always allowing yourself to be grateful for what you already have, you are creating an unlimited amount of happiness for yourself for the future. From that moment on, everything that you receive will be seen as a gift or a bonus. When you are negative, you tend to have this sense that the world always owes you something that nothing is ever good enough to make you happy and by projecting these thoughts into the world, you are only bringing those around you down with you.

I’ve been around a lot of negative people in my life, they are always complaining about every little thing that happens to them and they ALWAYS point out and dwell on the bad part of a situation. For example, if their car would break down on the side of the road due to running out of gas, they would blame their car and stomp around in anger because they are now on the side of the road. Not that this situation is “fun” but instead of getting angry about it, be thankful that you made it to the side of the road without getting hit, that you have money with you to buy gas and get on your way, that you have friends or family that you could call to come help you, and most importantly, that you are still alive and well.

Everyone is going to hit some rough patches in life, not everything can be “perfect” all of the time… if it was, we wouldn’t know how great “perfect” times were when they did happen. The “evil” or negativity inside you is always first to show itself, it’s easy to lash out and minimize the situation to see only the bad and to blame everything else but yourself for what had happened; but if you can keep your eyes open and allow yourself to see the full situation for what it really is and make sense of it all for yourself rationally, you will learn from it and although it sucks, you will view it as a minor mistake instead of letting it ruin your whole day.

Becoming a positive person fully takes some getting used to, it’s not something that you can just change 100% overnight, but by being more conscious of your surroundings and looking for the good in the world, you will see that the world isn’t all that terrible and that not everyone is out to get you. If you think positive, you will see positive and this part does happen instantly. By being positive, thinking positive, seeing positive and portraying positivity, you will become a more likable person and someone that people will enjoy being around. Positivity spreads, not as quickly as negativity does but like I always say, good things take time!




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