Do You Really Want To Escape From The “Matrix”?


I really wish that everyone on this Earth could open their eyes and mind, even more so than they already think they have. What most people do not realize is our brain is the most powerful “thing” on this planet. We have the ability to understand many things at once, to comprehend the difference between real and fake and the capability to train our minds into creating habits without us even knowing it. But that’s all under our skull, in a place where many people know it is there but don’t really understand how to use it, how strong it is, or really use it to its full capacity. We have resources out there that claim to increase our knowledge of the world around us and the problems that we face, but the real problem is, we take this information as though they are fully factual and live our lives limiting ourselves to this information only.

What we’re told from the news, from the government and from the churches are all lies. Even what we’re taught in school is simplified information. The people in charge of this world do not want us to know what is really happening, for fear of if we knew, chaos would erupt and we wouldn’t be able to handle the consequences. So their solution? Dumb us down as much as possible, cause as many distractions as are available and keep the majority of us in the dark on the matters that involve us the most.

You see, for them, the people are a playing piece in a large game that they have created. World domination for these select few would be impossible without the help of the majority (being all of us). So, how does one person get all of this control and the ability to cause all of this destruction around the world, and still maintain to come out further more on top? MONEY

Money rules the world and the more you have of it, the more power you have. Like I said before, you are a game piece in this world, your piece can be bought at anytime and can be sold again instantly and you may never know that the transaction happened.

Most people blind themselves from the fact that everyone in this world is a slave. Whether you want to believe it or not, you are… we all are. You were born into this world with expectations already implemented onto you. You are mandated to go to school and get an education, after these crucial years of life, you then have to use this education to find a job that will pay for your life and all of the benefits that you would like to have for your self and for your family. You are brainwashed from a very young age into labor, with no other choice except dying or starving.

Now that we have a better understanding that everyone on earth is a slave, the questions is, who are we slaves of? If everyone has to continue working in order to make a living, who is the man on top that doesn’t have to work in order to receive compensation? The answer: There isn’t one.

We’re all slaves to each other, working day in and day out to provide a service useful to other people in the world; Constantly trading our goods for the goods of other’s and creating a profit while doing so. Although some people may have a higher ranking built through time, once you become a workingman, you will stay a workingman until death. Even if you are a millionaire and have all of the money that you could ever want, you would have to continue working so that you can keep that money… making more deals and trades, netting with other wealthy people to come up with future plans, investing in upcoming discoveries and so on.

The fact that we are told by the higher ups that we’re not slaves, doesn’t mean that it is true. Not all of what you see, what you hear, or what you really want to believe is true. The only truth that you have is built through collecting data and discovering answers for yourself, and for your mind to process and decipher with time.

I myself, do not want to walk around thinking that the entire world as we perceive it is a lie; but to some point, that is exactly what it is. And the thing that gets me the most is people are so wrapped up in it that they cannot see the truth, they don’t allow themselves to see it, for fear of change within themselves. Now my question for you is, will you open your eyes and mind and start to make a difference in this world, or will you continue chasing the norm until your time has already passed?




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