The Value Of Sharing Your Wisdom With Others 


I am a teacher, not of education per say and not solely in the dance world either. I find myself teaching even the most random people/strangers each and every day. I know that at the age of 23 people don’t really take you 100% serious all of the time, but with me, somehow they do. Now you’re probably asking yourself how I know this right? Well it’s actually very simple… they show me. When asked for advice on a topic, or asked for an explanation of a certain skill, I can see immediate changes within those I talk to. Which in result is why I’m writing this on this day. Lately I have fully become aware of the value of teaching others and how much you can make a positive impact in someone’s life, just by talking to and relating to them.

We all go to school at some point in our lives and actually for 13 years of our childhood, this is the place that we attend to everyday. But even though we are all learning the same material, we all process this information in a different way, we adjust it to make it more clear for us and our minds. Two people could read the exact same book, but each one would explain it differently. This is who we are as humans, but what we do with this information is also a part of our ‘job’ here on Earth.

As I mentioned before, I am a dance teacher, I teach the same groups of children and young adults once a week for 9 months out of the year. I watch their minds think, I watch them struggle, but I will always help them through it and watch them grow because of it. And when the clarity comes to the light, the look in each and every one of my student’s faces is pure joy, excitement, happiness and victory. These are the moments that make me proud, proud of not only who I have become as a person, but because I positively affect the lives of the people that I come into contact with.

To share your wisdom with others is to help them expand not only their thinking process, but their understanding process as well. When you talk to people and make them think, they begin to see things in a whole new light. They constantly learn which means that they themselves are constantly teaching others of their discoveries. The more that people talk with one another, the more we will learn and the more we will develop. Everyone has ideas, everyone has knowledge, you just have to be willing to have an open mind to differences and accept them and actually listen because you never know when someone could change your whole way of thinking.

You deserve to enjoy the clarity of life; you deserve to have your opinions but to still value the opinions of others around you. Each and every one of us has the ability to positively change the world around us… the only question is, Have you already started?


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