Friday’s Food For Thought


To most, the world today is all about receiving the approval of others, the constant urge of being accepting by those around you, even from a young age. Some people will even go as far as changing their whole way of life just to make someone else happy and to gain their friendship. In their minds they can feel that what they are doing is wrong, but the fear of being alone and without friends steps in and takes over. Why do we feel the need to do this? Why do we want to surround ourselves with these kinds of people?

There is a difference in growing your self and exploring new things, and changing yourself to match the needs of others. There is a signal that your brain sends to the rest of the body when it knows it is doing something wrong, something that YOU would never really do on your own. But most people still fight these urges time after time, they build friendships based on a different version of themselves and then as the friendship fades, they remember who they really are. But the older I get, the more I realize that I don’t need the approval of anyone. I’ve set my goals, I have my dreams and I keep to MY mindset. And with this, I still have friends, and these friends are people I know I can truly count on because they share the similar mindset and values of me, but each in their own way.

Sure we all want the approval of others, but is it worth surrendering your own beautiful mind? Do you want to fit in that much that you will constantly change who are based on who you’re around? You will find acceptance from those who really matter, ones who will push you further into the world, the ones that will help your dreams become a reality. You need to continue doing things for yourself and for your life, to make your impact on this world before your time is up. Whilst doing this, you will attract the people who were meant to be in your life. You will gain acceptance without having to sacrifice your true self, and once you figure that out, you’ll see how beautiful of a feeling it is!


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