Friday’s Food For Thought


I hear a lot of people around me lately saying “I deserve to be happy”… and my question for these people is, what makes you think that you DESERVE happiness? Either you are happy or you aren’t. Happiness is a feeling that flows with you day to day; it’s an overall general vibe that your body sends to those surrounding you. One ‘thing/incident’ shouldn’t be the determining factor of your happiness.

No one person deserves more than anyone else on this Earth. If you work hard and have a smile on your face every single day then you are doing everything that you can do for yourself and your overall happiness. Happiness is created within, when you stop dwelling on the things that you don’t have, and you start to reminisce and be grateful for the things that you do. When you can see despite all of the bad experiences that you may have encountered that your still alive and you’re still going forward. Being happy isn’t a gift given to certain people, it’s a mindset that everyone is more than capable of achieving, and once you achieve this mindset, enjoy every second of it!

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