Equality For All

A follower of The Clarity Of Mind had contacted me the other day in regards to my “What Is Going On In The World Today?” post with a question about equality in the world today. Asking why are men seen as superior to women, why being born white affects the world around us in anyway and why being from different countries gives you a different meaning to this world. Sure we discuss equality in our day-to-day lives at some point or another, but how much knowledge do you really have on the things that you are saying, and how much of it is just phrases that you have heard over and over again so therefore you just repeat it?

Every single thing that is on our planet has a purpose, a purpose for the Earth as a planet, as well as every other living organism that resides here. As humans, we are all built the same, theoretically. We all, although look very different from one another, are comprised of the same components, the skeleton along with all of the organs that we need to live. We have a purpose on this planet as a species, but each of us individually holds our own purpose for this world, within our lifetime. Just like every insect, bird, reptile, mammals, or any other living thing; although each select species vary in looks, they are the same on the inside.

The stigma of men being superior to woman derives from a time where men were the ones hunting for the food to provide to their families. They had the power of the household because they were the ones providing. But without the woman there, the food wouldn’t have been cooked and the children wouldn’t have been born. Although men and women have different sets of strengths and weaknesses, one without the other would be impossible to keep our species relevant on this planet.

When this follower mentioned to me about how being of the white races ultimately makes you superior to the rest of the world, I was taken back because this is so incredibly true, and also very sad and pathetic. I’ve read that people of Caucasian roots are seen with higher power because of the amount of history that they bring. The amount of ‘change’ that they have brought to this world do to make it what it is today. But to me, this is bullshit. There are many countries who contribute to the evolution of this world, many races. It’s the historical stigma that we keep in our heads, and the egos of the white men in particular that we fuel to make it still seem this way. If we gave credit where credit was due and erase the skin colors from our minds, we would progress way faster than we already are… and all it takes is a mindset.

In Todays world, everything and everyone is labeled. As sad as this thought is, it is too true. How you dress,  how you speak, where you’re from, who you vote for and the list is literally never ending. With the problems in the world and the probability of World War III, your country of heritage is what defines you. Your parents are from Mexico and you were born in the U.S.? You’re labeled and treated as Mexican. You have Muslim heritage? That automatically makes you a terrorist. The media helps with this all too much, but what most people forget is that they have the rights to their own thoughts and own opinions.

The important thing to see here is that no matter what we look like, what color we are, what gender we are,  or what country we are from, we all need one another on this Earth in order to survive. Without the mating of a man and a woman, our species would no longer populate the planet. Without other races, we would not have the ability to learn or to grow.  But with using our own minds and expressing our own thoughts, instead of repeating the thoughts of those you hear around you, we could change the way people are perceived.  However, if we continue to riot and protest for equal rights among all, we will continue to walk backwards…

“ We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.”

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