Friday’s Food For Thought


While you are still young, and while you still have your ‘freedom’, allow yourself to travel the world and see all there is out there. All of the different cultures, the different ways of life along with meeting new people with different outlooks than yours. Expanding your surroundings and making yourself more worldly will allow you to grow so much as a person, as well as help you see that the world is a bit different than what we see on the TV or hear from others. Form your own opinion and create your own adventure!

Even without having a lot of money, you can still make this a reality. You can search for best airfares with very cheap flights to Europe, or anywhere else and then there is public transportation there to help you go to every other place you wish. Don’t let money be your deciding factor as to whether or not you will get to live this dream of yours. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.

Travel while you are young and able. See the world through your own eyes. And enjoy every second of it!

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