To Every Woman On Mother’s Day


For most, Mother’s Day is the special day a year where the day revolves around their mom. Brunches and presents as well as flowers are given in order to show your appreciation towards her. But for me, I don’t wait for this one day to show my mother how much I love and appreciate her. I try to tell her as often as possible because lets face it, being a mom of any sort is no easy job.

Let’s talk about what it means to be a mom; although this may sound silly, we tend to limit our view of this in our minds. To be a mother does not necessarily mean that you have physically given birth to someone. And just because you have given birth to someone, doesn’t necessarily mean you are a mother. Being a parental figure is more of a mindset. The desire to care for another living thing (pets included) and the passion to be there for someone at any moment and to help provide for them. It’s a natural instinct that not every woman posses but is very special to the ones who do.

Throughout my life thus far, I have my birth mother who I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for, she is my best friend and I know that I can confide in her whenever needed. But growing up in the dancing world, as well as moving across the world, there are many other women who have been like a mother figure for me. They have cared for me and treated me as though I was their own. Looked out for me, and my general well being and helped shape me into the woman that I have become today. Because of these women, I realized that being a mother was more about helping and caring for others than it was about birthing them. In fact, although I have yet to give birth to a child of my own, there are certain people in my life that I seem more motherly to through my actions along with my advice to them. I look at them with a different mentality and I know that I will do what ever it takes to protect them from any harm that may come their way.

There are women in this world, who desire more than anything to give birth to a child of their own, but because of various reasons, this process is not as easy for them. If you know a woman who deals with this, you can see the motherly instinct that she possesses. She will care for the children who surround her as if they were hers, being there for them in everyway possible. Play dates, tea parties, playing super hero’s and the list goes on and on. Maybe they have dogs or cats and you can see that they are treated more like a human; dressed up, talked to and even fed the same as we are. Most people see these acts as strange, but for them it gives them the satisfaction of caring for someone. You have foster moms, who open their lives and their homes to children who don’t have one, or the one they had wasn’t good for them. They welcome these children with open arms and will do whatever they can in order to make them feel loved and appreciated. These women all have the same mindset as mothers, and in fact they are mothers, not of a child of their own but of a ‘child’ figure.

I’m not trying to steal the thunder of the mothers out there today. But I wanted to open your eyes to the fact that there are more mothers than we tell ourselves. Women who struggle with reproducing look at this day as a reminder of this instead of looking at the children and animals around them that they already care for. So when you say Happy Mother’s Day to your mom today, make sure you say it to the other women who have been like a mother for you, and to the women who you see that care for others in a motherly way. Mothers day is a day to celebrate the love and compassion that women can give, not just the ability to reproduce.

I would like to personally say, Happy Mothers day to all women out there! Your love and warmth lights up the world around you, and without women like you, the world would be a much different place!

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