Are You Strong?

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By this question I of course don’t mean physically, but mentally and emotionally. Being a mentally and emotionally strong person means striving each day to become the person that YOU know you are. Not what you were raised to be, who your friends and peers want you to be and not what the media expects you to be, but YOU 100% of the time. It’s a trait that helps you continuously grow everyday into the best version of yourself. Every single one of you has the ability to become mentally and emotionally strong, you just have to peel back the skin of weakness and address these problems in a way that can bring you up instead of kicking you down.

These traits are just a few of what mentally and emotionally strong people possess. While enduring on my research, I found that some of these traits I embody but was unaware that these contributed to my ultimate strength. I hope that these help you realize that you are a strong person, and capable of dealing with and conquering anything that comes your way!

You don’t yell or become angry easily. You don’t tend to let things get to the point of angering you, and if they do, you are smart enough to walk away from the situation. You realize that yelling or expressing anger only tends to make matters worse in the end.

You are open to feedback and receiving help. As a mentally strong person, you are aware of the areas that may be a bit weaker than the others. Therefore, you seek for the advice of others in reference to these situations and in doing so, you are not only helping yourself become even stronger, but you are also learning in the process of, which is always a good thing.

You apologize when necessary. You are fully aware that no one in this world is perfect and mistakes are bound to happen at some point. When you do something wrong, you take credit for your actions and apologize to those in which you may have hurt in the process. Sometimes apologies can be hard, but you seem to do this with ease so you are able to move on from the problem and continue going forward in life.

You are willing to adjust in order to bring improvement. You are adaptable to change and are aware when change is needed for the situation that you are in. You do whatever is necessary to gain the best outcome and if executing a minor change on the spot is what it takes, you are all for it!

You don’t constrict your thoughts to superficial matters. You like to look at a situation in its entirety before drawing a conclusion. You don’t see things for exactly as they are but you are able to understand that everything has a reason for occurring. And by looking into the situation more in depth, you have a better overall understanding and can address it properly.

You refrain from expectations to others. In fact, you are a very selfless person. You enjoy giving and doing things for others with out receiving anything in return, and you do these things willingly and with a smile on your face. You love to give other people the same amount of happiness that you have within you.

You follow your instincts. You enjoy gaining experience in anyway that you can. But since you have a lot of experience in many different areas, you are better able to help guide your judgment. Maybe the problem at hand is one that you have faced in a similar manner before, since you have embraced this problem already, you are able to better judge the result of the current one.

You know how to set boundaries to keep things in proportion. You have set certain limits in your life. Limits of how far you can allow something to go before it becomes too much for you. But along with this, you are very good at not allowing others to cross those lines. You are able to put your foot down when needed and to let the other person know when enough is enough.

You understand your limitations. Along with the boundaries above when involving others, you have also set boundaries for yourself. These limitations allow you to remain 100% true to the person that you really are and don’t allow the influence of others affect you.

You go outside of your comfort zone. As a mentally strong individual, you are always looking for ways to learn and to grow. You are very open to trying new things and having fun while doing them. You don’t allow fear to take control of you and limit you from growing and evolving. Seeking adventures is a natural part of your daily life.

You forgive yourself. In life, it is hard to move on if you don’t let go of the past and the incidences that occurred. But you are fully aware that in order to keep persisting forward, you have to leave the past where it is and stop dwelling on the ‘what if’s’. You realize that there is nothing that you can do to change the outcome so you accept it, forgive yourself, and move on.

You know that persistence pays off. You are not the type of person who easily gives up on something. You view it as a challenge and go all in in trying to complete it. You are aware that success doesn’t come easily and that it is something that takes a lot of hard work and effort. While completing the challenge at hand, you are able to visualize the outcome in your head, allowing yourself to know that this is beyond possible. You don’t stop until success is met and the proud feeling overcomes you.

Being mentally and emotionally strong is all about outlook and wanting to become the best version of your self. These traits are hidden within all of us and are ready to help you when you feel the time is right. So now I will ask you again…

Are you strong?

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