What’s the Real Goal Here?


I know I am a couple weeks late with this post but as I always say, better late than never! I am also aware that this post will probably receive a lot of negative feedback, however, this is a space for you all to keep an open mind and to view things a little differently. So instead of passing judgment on what I say, take the time to process it a little more in depth before concluding anything. I am always welcome to your comments and arguments and am here to listen as well!

A couple of weeks ago, there was a day called “Women’s Rights Day”. Along with the many strange random days that seem to be popping up out of nowhere, I thought this day as well was a bit ridiculous to celebrate… AND I AM A WOMAN. Now, I understand completely the goals that women all over the world have with this movement, I am fully educated on the “why’s” of this movement as well. However, there are many things involved that I just cannot get myself to agree with. These “small” things to some tend to be very big reasoning’s to why I cannot participate in the movement myself, and I know that there are others out there who can agree with me on these explanations as well.

First, I would like to say, I have seen many situations in which women are not treated equally to men, whether in the work place or just in everyday life. But I have also witnessed women being more privileged than men in the same exact situations.

We live in a world where no matter how hard we all try, we will never all be considered equal. Why? Because we wont allow it. Our governments as well as (and mostly) us individually do nothing but constantly divide ourselves from the people whom surround us. When it comes to the Women’s Rights Movement, I can’t help but notice that instead of trying to become equal to men, instead we are trying to become superior to men. We are tearing the men down in order to build ourselves up. In many situations (ie. All of the raping’s and abusing) I agree that these things need to be spoken out against and stopped. But I question if the people coming forward are really doing this for themselves, or for the attention that they will gain from doing so. As much as I hate to question this, it is something that I cannot seem to get out of my mind, mostly because we are able to witness them, via media, explain their situation and you can see the light in their eyes when they get this attention from everyone else.

We will never become equal as long as we view ourselves as superior. This is a sentence that many of us need to let sink into our brains. Of course it’s easy to get a big head and natural to fight for what you believe in, however, at what cost? We already have limitations on what we can and cannot talk about in the company of others (religion and politics) in order to avoid confrontation. Now, we and the government are making this list grow to the point where we will be able to talk to no one because of everyone’s enormous ego’s and closed minds. We are the ones who are causing these problems in our countries and they will never dissipate until we stop them. If you want to be equal, view yourself as equal, treat yourself as equal. It’s all about YOUR ATTITUDE towards the situations that you endure. No one on this earth DESERVES to be just handed anything, you have to earn it or work towards it. Just because you look one way or another doesn’t mean it is just handed to you, nor should you expect it for these reasons, because I’m telling you now… if this is your mindset, you will be disappointed many times throughout your life.

Women always say that it is unfair that they do the same amount of work and get less pay than men. 9 times out of 10 this is true, and do I think this is fair for two people who have the same amount of education in a subject? No, not at all. However, what about when women get pregnant? When they have to take maternity leave in order to have the baby and then some months to care for the baby afterwards. Now again, this makes sense as to why this should happen; however the woman is not the only person who had a child. She went through the labor of it but the baby was born to both the man and the woman, so why do the men not get maternity leave as well?

These are just two very small examples of a much larger debate. But when you really think about it, we equal each other out. We as human beings will always want more from people and from life, but we demand this verbally instead of receiving it based on who we are as a person. Instead of letting the media and the celebrities tell you what you should fight for and believe in, take the time to do your own research on the matter before diving in headfirst and then making a fool of yourself.

I am a woman; I am treated with respect because I give respect. I don’t get discriminated against because I refuse to let that happen. I prove my worthiness in the work place just as anyone else would. I understand that I am not going to be given anything in life and it makes me more eager to earn them myself. Knowing these things pushes me everyday to fight the good fight, the fight for ME.

The world around you will continue to argue and crumble, it is up to you however, to decide if you want to crumble with it.


Now it’s Your Turn:

What are your thoughts about the Woman’s Rights Movement? And do you think that what we are doing now, will really “create justice” for women?

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